A pragmatic approach was implemented to accommodate the Client’s requirements for a multipurpose events centre juxtaposed to, and linked with the existing pavilion to create maximum flexibility of spaces.

The new Pavilion function demanded a voluminous space with a free spanning structure to allow for flexible arrangements within its confines. The multipurpose provides for national and international sporting, cultural and conference events, capable of accommodating up to 3000 people.

The interior of the pavilion was required to achieve total blackout conditions, adjunct to this a rudimentary but practical amenities facility was strategically placed to service both new and existing pavilions.

The pavilion was designed to form a central hub when a future pavilion is added. Stiles and Hooker have addressed this by a change in roof form from the stage one structure, but retained the regimental pre-cast concrete structural elements as a reference. Other materials reflect the agricultural ambiance of the stage one structure and the function of Mystery Creek National Fieldays.