Garry Murtagh, of Waikato firm Murtagh Construction, engaged Stiles and Hooker Engineer and Architects to develop the concept ideas for Greens Global new headquarters.

Kelly and Jim Zhao of Greens Global provided basic working layouts.
The Stiles and Hooker team, led by Roger Baker (Director Engineer), took these ideas to the next level wrapping a support structure & skin around them, leaving Kelly Zhao most impressed with the proposal – it was exactly what she was looking for.

Standing proudly amongst its peers at 22 the Boulevard, Te Rapa the Greens Tapware building sets a high standard for function and style at a reasonable build price.
Murtagh Construction clients now use this building as a benchmark for commercial buildings.

The building comprises

  • 400 sq.m of ground floor shown room space and impressive fully glazed front wall,
  • 400 sq.m of upper storey office area, and
  • 1100 sq.m steel framed warehouse space at the rear which includes storage, laser cutting, quality testing lab, and assembly areas.