Westland Milk Products specialises in processing and marketing more than 600 million litres of quality milk annually, producing a range of products including infant nutrition base powders, milk powders, proteins, cream and UHT products and butter.
Stiles and Hooker were engaged by First Principles Constructors, to do the structural design for the Butter Plant upgrade which allows butter production to double to 42,000 P/A.
The butter plant is an old refurbished building from 1973, the brief included asbestos removal, new ceilings & wall linings, new MCC and new HVAC. Also included was a new palletising area, new butter chiller store & truck load out, silo slab & nitrogen tank pad & rail load out canopy.
Under the leadership of Roger Baker, the Stiles and Hooker team transformed the design into reality inspired by Westland Milk, the Process Engineers and First Principles Constructors.

Image Credit to Project Story